Louis Tomlinson - :60 With


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Louis Tomlinson - :60 With

Published on 13-09-2017


Louis Tomlinson

After several years of whipping fans into a frenzy as part of One Direction, Louis Tomlinson one of pop's most celebrated young stars. Since the act's demise, he's been he's turned toward dance music, working with respected producers Steve Aoki on "Just Hold On" and Digital Farm Animals on "Back to You," which also featured vocals by Bebe Rexha. Louis sounds right at home in this lane, and he's currently cutting more tracks. He hit his Vevo '60 With interview with an ease about him, and handled a bunch of rapid fire questions about Aerosmith karaoke songs, Game of Thrones and his most embarrassing moment onstage.

Producer: Priya Minhas

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Louis Tomlinson

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